CNC laser Tube cutting

ADIGE LT – 120 with ROFIN SINAR resonator 2000W


  • circular – d min. 12 mm / max. 120 mm
  • square – min. 12 mm / max. 100 mm ( side )
  • rectangular and D profile – all that fits into the circle of d 140 mm, with min. side length of 10 mm and 120 mm max. and max. 100 mm length difference between the sides.

Cutting power

  • steel – t max. 7 mm
  • stainless steel – t max. 3 mm

The minimum programmable measure is 0,01 mm, max. production deviation is ± 0,1 mm

Determined for cutting out optional geometry into the hollow profiles. It combines several manufacturing processes into one. Technology suitable for the production of complicatedly shaped sheet products. Rapid, accurate and clean cutting of material. High quality of the cutting edge – it needs no further dressing. It enables describing material – marking. Technology suitable for both the piece and mass productions. Flexible for carrying out changes of the product. It brings an opportunity of excellent structural solutions, especially of joints